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Mypol caters to the automotive segment with a range of products. Starting with Tubes, Injection / Compression / Transfer moulded parts, Envelops and curing bags for the retreading industry, Rubber sheets and custom mixed compounds.

Mypol is a preferred vendor to several organizations in USA, Europe and South East Asia. A variety of profiles, tubing, gaskets, diaphragms, sponge rubber goods, metal-rubber bonded Fabric backed diaphragms are sponge rubber parts are manufactured to customer specifications in NR, Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Butyl, Viton, Silicone.

Mypol’s Polymer technology know-how has helped us cater to the growing Indian defence and space industry. Mypol engineered products with emphasis on careful design and development has seen its products being used in applications in satellites, missiles & defence testing equipment.

Disc and Diffuser membranes are in wide spread use in Sewage and Effluent treatment plants to reduce biological oxygen demand. Made of a complex blend of EPDM and Butyl rubber our products perform in the unpredictable and harsh environments of STP’s and ETP’s. We also manufacture these membranes with PTFE coating and in Silicone for enhanced performance.

Design and mixing of rubber compounds; lies at the heart of all rubber product development. Ingrained in the team at mixing factory is the criticality and importance of mixing in the quality & consistency of the finished product. We mix master batches and final compounds for a number of prestigious customers from Europe, Japan, USA and Canada. Mixing is a critical area for Mypol and we continue to upgrade technology and systems to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of custom mixing activity.

Awareness and requirements for safety is growing rapidly. Mypol manufactures Electrical Safety mats meeting IEC61111 requirements. Class0, Class1, Class2, Class3, Class4 products meeting the IEC specification are manufactured with compound and process developed at Mypol.

Mypol is one of India’s leading manufacturer of Butyl Inner tubes. We are OE suppliers to tyre majors in India, among others Ceat, JK Tyres, BKT, ATG. We have installed capacity for inner tubes from scooter to OTR sizes. We manufacture more than 40 different sizes for various customers every day.

Mypol also has a robust replacement under the brand Mypol. These products reach our 1300 dealers spread across the country through our sales team and 13 branch offices. This strength keeps the factory and the technical teams in close touch with end user requirements.

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Mypol caters to the highly demanding automotive segment. With close association with tier1 supplier to vehicle manufacturers, Mypol is adding to its product portfolio by taking on challenging part development.

These parts are manufactured on state-of-the-art injection and compression molding machines.

Our people are trained to meet the unrelenting demands of the automobile manufacturers.

We manufacture rubber sheets for niche demands in the automotive segment. EPDM rubber sheet of 2mm thickness with special requirement for surface finish and properties is manufactured for export to USA and Canada.

Mypol Retreading Envelops & Curing Bags are the benchmark of the industry. Our products have a reputation for consistent quality and reliability across the unorganized, organized sectors and the State transport workshops.

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Metal-rubber bonding is a strength at Mypol. Friction liners for material handing conveyors and splicing machines jaws for inner tube manufacture are two such parts. These metal-rubber bonded parts require high degree of precision and are used in severe environments.

We have developed components made of Nitrile for medical equipment. Proprietary process allows us to manufacture these components with a thin wall of 0.1mm to 0.15mm. As in any medical device performance and quality requirements are stringent.

Liners are rubber to metal bonded & made in segments to form a complete drum. These liners are used in the cement industry, they are subjected to very severe abrasive operating conditions. Strips are used as liners in bucket conveyors. They withstand harsh conditions of temperature & abrasion.

These steel hose backed inflatable valve seals are used in large-size utilities and industrial valves. Designed to be fit-and-forget, failures can cause large scale disruption.

These bellows are manufactured for one of the global leaders of medical x-ray machines. These pressure-compensating bellows are immersed in oil and are engineered to last the entire life of the machine.

Mypol’s Polymer technology know-how has helped us cater to the growing Indian defence and space industry. Mypol engineered products with emphasis on careful design and development has seen its products being used in applications in satellites, missiles & defence testing equipment. Most of these products have been developed from concept, working in close association and understanding applications, with defence and space organizations.

Mypol has developed innovative technologies in the form of a ‘Torroidal Tube’ in close association with VSSC (Vikram Sarabhai Space Center). This innovation was judged ‘Winner’ at the national level by the Government of India.

Mypol Linear rubber bellows have been a key component in the ‘Heat shield separation system’ of PSLV and the GSLV.

Our custom developed inflatable bellows of assorted sizes are in use by the defence departments for testing missile components.

Working closely with the Indian Navy and defence contractors, Mypol has developed rubber products for submarine applications. Mypol products are in use in Indian submarines’ engine components, hatch sealing (circular/elliptical) applications and torpedo testing equipment.
Mypol’s believes rubber mixing is at the heart of all rubber manufacture. We have established and fine-tuned our mixing process which meets stringent requirements of tier 1 suppliers. Every batch of compound is tested for conformance before it is released. Focus is on consistency in quality, traceability, confidentiality and timely delivery. Continuous data collection & analysis helps us pre-empt potential problem areas and take proactive actions to eliminate undesirable results.

Close control on input RM and process parameters along with complete traceability, data retention

Mypol mixes various polymers like butyl, EPDM, FKM, Nitrile, Neoprene etc. We have invested in machines and infrastructure to ensure only compatible polymers are mixed in designated machines.

Mixing is a critical area for Mypol and we continue to upgrade technology to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of mixing activity. Mypol uses hydraulic drive to power its mixer and dump mill. This gives unprecedented levels of control over the mixing process ensuring compounds of highest quality.

Disc and diffuser membranes are manufactured using proprietary process which ensures tailoring the product to meet varied customer requirements. Mypol continues its R&D to keep pace with evolving and stringent regulations.

Electrical safety is one of the most stringently regulated areas in safety regulations. Mypol manufactures electrical insulation mats conforming to IEC61111 standards for electrical safety. These mats are exported across the world for installation in industrial and utilities.