Mypol is committed to serving the dynamic tyre industry

Our comprehensive range under the 'One-Stop Shop' include -

Tire Curing Bladder
Turn Up Bladder
Bead Cup Bladder
Shaping Sleeve
Bead Apex Bladder
Carcass Sleeve
Vacuum Cup
Retracting Band
Dome Gasket


  •  Superior compound offers enhanced bladder life.
  •  Longer bladder life offers better tyre curing press availability.
  •  Strict process control offers bladder quality and predictable life.
  •  Exceptional bladder dimensional control yields superior quality tyres.
  •  Precise gauge control of the bladders yields superior tyres and better productivity.
  •  Increased tyre performance through better profile control.
  •  Superior surface finish yields superior tyre finish and process ease.