Manufacturing rubber products since 1981
Mypol’s Pioneering Spirit and Technical
Know-How has propelled manufacture of
rubber products, for the last 35 years.

With our rubber, we have reached the depths of oceans & the unknowns of space. We help sewage treatment plants clean water, Medical equipment diagnose better, Cars drive smoother, Machines run better, Keep people Safe!

We have Spirit and it’s in our Rubber!

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Brand Mypol promises responsive
customer service and quality

We are known for our spirit of innovation and taking on tough technical challenges and exceeding expectations.

The brand is fueled by our people’s depth of technical knowledge, forward thinking and customer focus.

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Automotive Defence& Space Custommixing Environmental Safety Industrial

Rigorous product and process development leads to streamlined production. Mypol manufactures quality products… consistently. Continuous improvement & process innovations keep us competitive and add value to all our customers.

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Automotive Products

Mypol caters to the automotive segment with a range of products. Tubes, Injection / Compression / Transfer moulded parts, Envelops and curing bags for the retreading industry, Rubber sheets and custom mixed compounds.

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Industrial Products

Mypol is a preferred vendor to organizations in USA, Europe and South-East Asia. A variety of profiles, gaskets, diaphragms, sponge-rubber, metal-rubber bonded, fabric-backed diaphragms are manufactured to customer specifications in NR, Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, Butyl, Viton, Silicone.

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Defence & Space Products

Mypol engineered products with emphasis on careful design and development has seen its products being used in applications in satellites, missiles & defence testing equipment. Most of these products have been developed from concept; working in close association with defence and space organizations.

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Environmental Products

Disc and Diffuser membranes are in wide spread use in Sewage and Effluent treatment plants. Made of a complex blend of rubbers our products perform in the unpredictable and harsh environments of STP’s and ETP’s.

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Custom Mixing

Design and mixing of rubber compounds lies at the heart of all rubber product development. Ingrained in the team at mixing factory is the criticality and importance of mixing in the quality & consistency of the finished product. We mix master batches and final compounds for several prestigious customers from Europe, Japan, USA and Canada.

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Safety Products

Mypol Electrical Safety mats conform to IEC61111 requirements. Class0 to Class4 products meeting the IEC specification are manufactured with compound and process developed at Mypol. Exclusively manufactured for export this product undergoes 100% testing for performance.

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Our customers bring out the best in us!
We work along with our customers with
transparency, integrity, professionalism
building strong and lasting relationships.

We work with companies of global repute. Tokai Rubber Auto Parts, Trelleborg Industrial AVS, Indian Space Research Organisation, Indian Navy, Defence Research & Development Organisation, Defence Research and Development Laboratory, Ceat Tyres, JK Tyres, Aumund Germany, Zenith Italy, Skanray Technologies, VMI Holland, MRF Tyres among many.

Mypol products are used in USA, Germany, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UAE, Afghanistan and Uganda.