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Mypol is a company that produces rubber products. We manufacture a range of rubber products for specialized and industrial needs like rubber to metal bonded products, rubber to fabric bonded diaphragms and cater to USA, Europe, South-East Asian markets.

Mypol is the foremost manufacturer of Automotive Butyl & Chlorobutyl Inner Tube manufacturer in India. We manufacture more than 45 different sizes of tubes for 9 different OE buyers and are perhaps the largest manufacturer of Automotive Butyl Inner Tubes in India.

Moulded rubber components

EPDM rubber strips

Diffuser Membrane


Large variety of molded rubber products in natural rubber, EPDM, Nitrile, Chloroprene (neoprene) & Silicone specialty elastomers.



These strips are used in the cement industry. They are highly rated on performance and are proven under severe environments. This product is used extensively in India and exported in large quantities to Germany.


Diffuser membrane made of a blend of EPDM & Butyl rubber used extensively in Effluent treatment plant to reduce Biological Oxygen Demand.



A product that demonstrates Mypol's superior capability in rubber to metal bonding. These undergo heavy deformation during operation and have a high degree of precision.


Butyl Automotive Inner Tubes

MYPOL manufactures a complete range of butyl & chlorobutyl inner tubes for vehicles from two & three wheelers to passenger cars, light & heavy commercial vehicles, jeeps, tractors & farm equipment.



"MYPOL's faith is prosper by quality, accordingly customer satisfaction, continuous improvement of products, processes & team work govern it's operations."



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